British Chess Pieces


This British Design is a beautiful set of chess pieces. It’s unusual to find such a handsome wood set as this in this price range.

This set is carved in the traditional Staunton style and comes with an English Knight. The king stands 4 inches tall with a nicely detailed crown and his queen has a nine point crown. The English Knight has the traditional raised head–ears laid back, teeth bared and ready to defend his king at all costs. Of course, the other pieces are equally striking, making this set one you will want to show off whenever you can.

The light pieces are made of Boxwood and the dark pieces are made from Sheesham, Ebonized Hardwood, or Rosewood. The pieces all have felt bottoms. Typical of fine wood, the grain and color may vary slightly from piece to piece. The set weighs in at approximately 3.5 pounds. Treat them as you would fine furniture. Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight and store them in a humidity stable area.

We suggest using a board with squares from 2 to 2 1/4 inches.  Complete set of 34 pieces.

Approximately 4″ King Height

1 1/2″ king base

55g king weight

Boxwood White Pieces

Rosewood, Sheesham, or Ebonized Hardwood Black Pieces

Full Set of 34 Pieces

Moderately-weighted pieces



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